What you need to do?

Submit a video of yourself singing a song, up to 90 seconds in length. Any song, in any language, is acceptable. You can perform solo, as a duet, or in a group.

The video MUST BE in a vertical 9:16 aspect ratio.

We will upload your video to Maxxan's Instagram and TikTok accounts. To win, your video must receive a substantial number of likes on both social media platforms.

Only Maxxanians are eligible to participate in this contest. You cannot include individuals from outside the Maxxanian community.

The Winner will Receive a Cash Prize!

Submit your video before 7th July, 2024. The contest will commence on 8th July, 2024, and continue thereafter.


Rules & Regulations

On which social media platforms will Maxxan post my video?
Any song criteria or performance guideline?
How do Maxxan select the winner for this contest?
How much is the cash prize for the winner?